An Introduction to my fellow Rising Tide Summit Friends!

Today is the first day of the Rising Tide Society's 2015 Summit!!  I am one of thousands who has signed up to support a community of creative entrepreneurs.  In return, the Rising Tide Society has collectively put together a three-night online educational experience that will showcase nine of the best educators and creatives in the industry. 

Each day we are given the opportunity to "turn thought into action". 

The daily challenge for Tuesday is to Introduce yourself.  So here I go:


Five Fun facts about Caitlin Elizabeth that is not on her resume!

1. My OCD Confession

I live by my calendar, as I am sure most small business entrepreneurs do.  I rely on my physical calendar more than my digital calendar.  This is the only thing in my life where I cannot go completely digital.  I'm excited to have my Day Designer by Whitney English to keep me on track in 2016!  If you live by a daily planner too, you should definitely consider the Day Designer.

2.  Check it off the bucket-list!

Soon-to-be a University of Iowa Alumni!!  With four more classes (11 days! But who is counting) to complete my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) I can truly say it has been a great two-year journey.  Completing this program while working a full-time job and running my own business has been a grand accomplishment for me.  To celebrate this accomplishment (and both my husband and I turning '30'), we will be traveling to Ireland, London, Scotland, and Paris in 2016!  It's one of many "Euro-trips" planned for our '30s'.  I cannot wait to take my "Last Day of MBA" photo!!


3. No pants!

I really dislike wearing pants. I find skirts and dress to be more comfortable; especially when I sometimes am wearing the same outfit for 12 hours straight.  I wear skirts and tights every day to my full-time job. 


4. I could live off sweet treats - no joke.

I have a sweet tooth and there is no denying it.  I think it comes from my mother always baking in the kitchen.  I have to stay active, which includes CrossFit at least four-five times a week, so I can indulge in all the treats at work and home.


5. If I was on a deserted island and could only request one item, I would bring...

Chapstick!  Specifically Burt's Bee Replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil.  I have about ten Burt's Bee chapstick containers floating around between my work space, office, sewing studio, and travel bags.  I cannot go longer than 30 minutes without putting on chapstick.  Just think, if my lips are this chapped in Illinois think about how chapped they would be on a deserted island!


Thank you to The Rising Tide Society for our #communityovercompetition.  I would love to learn something about you that is not your resume!  Share a comment below.  As always, thanks for reading. 

-Caitlin Elizabeth