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Welcome Caitlin Elizabeth Bridal to the Blogging world.

Mission of the blog: Empower the past, present, and future brides with valuable information to contribute to their wedding planning or their post-wedding life! 

I decided to join the 152 million blogs on the internet today.  Why did I feel like there was need for another blog?  Well there seems to be a lack of quality information for those commonly asked questions in regards to bridal gowns, bridal alterations, and the overall planning process of weddings.  I will focus on not only the Quad Cities area, but also share research from around the world. 

I wanted to be a resource and have a platform to share>>>

- Answers to Commonly Asked Questions: Knowledge is power.  I will be continually sharing information that will be helpful to you as a past, present, or future bride-to-be.

- Exclusive Insights on Wedding Trends: Keeping an eye on what is trending can be tricky.  With my knowledge in the bridal industry, it will be easy for you to follow exactly what you love.

- Behind the Scenes: Ever wonder what happens during the bridal alteration process? I will be sharing behind the scenes details that only a seamstress can share. 

- Promotions: Keep an eye out for special bridal and non-bridal promotions. 


Feedback for Caitlin Elizabeth

Is there something you have always wanted to know about the bridal industry? Find the comment section within the post and feel free to comment.  I will make sure to share my knowledge with you in a future post.